The purpose of the Lighthouse Policy Group is to share knowledge, best practice, mutual concerns and the challenges of the role of Executive Officer / Policy Adviser (or similar) to the Vice-Chancellor. Given that people in such a role typically operate as a team of one within their respective higher education institutions, the group provides both a Higher Education policy forum, and acts as a support and knowledge sharing network for its members.

Our first meeting took place at the University of Plymouth in 2010 and since then, and in the spirit of how the Russell Group and the 1994 Group came to be named, we have called ourselves The Lighthouse Policy Group - the lighthouse being a prominent feature of Plymouth city centre, and because (rather tongue-in-cheek) we shed light on HE policy and the work of policy officers.

We take it in turns to host meetings at our member’s institutions. We often start our discussions over dinner on the first night. The meetings are usually held over two days, and we normally have a talk given by a senior member of the hosting institution to start the session (often by the Vice-Chancellor).

For enquiries about joining the group, please see our Contact page.

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